How to Legally Reopen Your Shop 

after Covid-19?

The Government's most recent guidance* sets out what shops must do to re-open safely and legally.

JMKT, experts in Trading Law, can;

- Help you undertake your risk assessment, 

- Help you write your risk management plan, 

- Review your existing risk system. 

JMKT have gathered advice the Government, British Retail Consortium, USDAW and other sources to enable you to re-open your shop with confidence. 

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*Working safely during COVID-19 in shops and branches, Guidance for employers, employees and the self-employed 25 May 2020

How to Open Shops Legally
Covid-19 Notice

5/8 steps to reopen your shop 

The 5 Step plan is a simpler version of the guidance for telling customers and officials that you have taken proper precautions. 


JMKT recommends that you display the 5 Step plan notice, but also undertake the full 8 Step risk assessment.


The 8 step Plan is; - 

1. Thinking about / Managing risk

JMKT strongly recommend that you undertake and document your plan to manage risk to

a) implement your risk management system and

b) prove that you have taken proper steps, should things go wrong or “An Inspector Calls”.

2. Who should go to work

Your risk management plan must cover which of your staff should or need to return to the workplace, including those at higher risk and equalities issues. 

3. Social distancing at work

You plan must set out how you will manage social distancing when coming to and leaving work, workplaces and workstations and places where staff will congregate. 

4. Managing your customers, visitors and contractors

Clearly you will want customers, but you must plan to manage the risks involved in them and other visitors entering your premises if this is necessary. 

5. Cleaning the workplace

New cleaning regimes will be needed to help minimise the risk. You must set out and record how your cleaning is sufficient and actually carried out. 

6. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 

PPE will almost certainly be needed in your risk management plan, whether that includes masks, gloves or screens. JMKT recommend that you record what you will use and how you use it. 

7. Workforce management

You may need to change how you manage your staff, whether through shifts, changed working patterns and communications. This will of course depend on the specific set up of your business. 

8. Inbound and outbound goods

Hopefully you reopened business will be selling many goods, but you will need to risk assess and manage how goods are received from your suppliers and then passed onto your customers whilst minimising risk. 

JMKT can help with; - 

Protecting Staff, 

Protecting Customers, 

Cleaning and Hygiene


Handling Goods 

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