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Make Sure You Avoid Prosecution

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Product Safety and Standards 

The sale of goods is heavily regulated at every stage of the supply chain; - manufacturing, import, distribution and retail. Goods must conform to safety, composition and electrical compatibility laws.


Companies supplying (supplying includes selling and physical supply), must ensure that the goods meet the relevant standards or face; -


  • Trading Standards Investigations,

  • Product recalls,

  • Negative publicity and reputational damage,

  • Prohibitions on supply,

  • Forfeiture of goods,

  • Prosecution; - fines and possible imprisonment.


How JMKT can help you with Trading Standards Product Compliance?


JMKT can; - Explain the Trading Standards law involved and your rights and obligations.


JMKT can; - Help identify the relevant product standards.

JMKT can; - Reduce the chances of an investigation becoming a prosecution.


JMKT can; - Help you prepare a “due diligence” system to protect your business.


JMKT can; - Help you manage your legal responsibilities with your suppliers.


JMKT can; - Speak to trading standards officers to ensure that they play fair.


JMKT can; - Reduce the worry and let you get on with running your business.

Products covered include; -


  • Food

  • Furniture

  • Clothes

  • Toys

  • Electrical goods

  • Bicycles

JMKT can help identify the correct standard for the goods supplied and help design a robust checking system to cover manufacture, import, distribution or retail.

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