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Trading Standards Compliance -

Trading Standards Law

Trading Standards Law and Compliance 

The sale of goods and services is heavily regulated at every stage of the supply chain. Breaches of this law can result in serious penalties, including fines and imprisonment. For many companies dealing with trading standards compliance and trading standards law is a necessary part of business, but getting it right needn't be a problem nor expensive.


It is essential for businesses to have the right controls in place to reduce the risk of costly enforcement action. Compliance with trading standards laws is also crucial to quality aspects of a business and breaches can ruin reputations and lose business contracts. In many cases, there are defences such as "due diligence”, i.e. showing you have a system to prevent the offence and that the system is implemented.


JMKT - Trading Standards Consultants can show you the practical, low cost route to integrating legal compliance and due diligence with your normal business management. We can help you spend less time tackling enforcement officials and concentrate on running your business. 


Early engagement is advised to avoid the start of investigative action and the running up of costly bills.


“It is especially important for anyone receiving any legal notice or court summons regarding a trading standards matter to seek immediate specialist legal advice”.  John Seale



Can Trading Standards Prosecute Directors?  

Trading Standards law allows officers to prosecute; - 

Sole traders, 


Limited Companies, 

Senior Managers

Company Directors

Individuals who may have caused an offence to have been committed by others. 

Directors and Senior Managers must therefore show proper diligence in running a company. If they are negligent in their duties, they risk being prosecuted in their own right.​

JMKT have extensive experience of helping manufacturers, distributors and retailers tackle compliance in areas including:


  • product safety

  • product recall

  • food safety

  • supply of age-restricted products to minors

  • weights and measures

  • fair trading law

  • copyright

  • consumer credit and contract terms

  • advertising practices

  • sales practices including web based sales

  • licensing

  • Magistrates and Crown Court proceedings and appeals

  • unfair competition

Ensure You Avoid Prosecution

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