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Avoid Costly Port Delays

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Don’t assume that if a product is legal in one country it’s legal to sell  across the EU.
Food, cosmetics, electrics, toys and furniture are covered by regulations and will often need new labels or may not be capable of complying.
The UK government uses customs declaration information to inform trading standards officers of goods entering UK ports that need checking.  Trading Standards Officers will be working closely with UKBF to detain and check such goods.
If the right paperwork is not in place Trading Standards may send samples to test houses and detain the goods until the results are back.

The UK has left the EU and there are new rules for import / export goods to avoid costly delays at EU and UK ports.

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Trading Goods in the EU?

How JMKT can Help!


JMKT can; - Explain the Trading Standards law involved


JMKT can; - Reduce the chances of goods getting “stuck” in ports.

JMKT can; - Speak to trading standards officers to ensure that they play fair.


JMKT can; - Reduce the worry and let you get on with running your business.

Goods Stuck in a Port?

Make sure you follow the new rules to avoid -          
  • your goods being refused entry

  • your goods being detained, incurring costly storage charges and delays

  • paying the costs of examination

  • paying to rectify the problems

  • and the issues cannot be rectified, you will need to pay for the goods to be destroyed.

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What has changed?

Imports  - If you're bringing EU goods into the UK you will be an importer rather than a distributor and your responsibilities will be much greater.

  • understand your responsibilities as an importer,

  • ensure the goods are labelled correctly,

  • ensure you are using the correct country of origin,

  • ensure the correct conformity assessment has been done,

  • ensure the goods have the correct conformity markings, CE, UKCA or UKNI.

  • Have the right safety documentation for the goods

  • register products as required such as, cosmetics.

  • register for an Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI) number.


Exports - if you’re sending goods to the EU, you will need to change the way you operate.

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