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Make Sure You Avoid Prosecution

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Trading Standards Compliance

JMKT – Trading Standards Consultants has extensive experience of helping manufacturers, distributors and retailers tackle compliance in areas including:


  • product safety and recall

  • food safety

  • supply of age-restricted products to minors

  • weights and measures

  • fair trading law

  • copyright and brand protection

  • contract terms and documents

  • advertising practices

  • sales practices including web based sales

  • Magistrates and Crown Court proceedings

  • unfair competition

JMKT can take away Trading Standards worries with a Health Check / Legal Resilience Review. 

JMKT can give you; - 

- A thorough audit against all relevant trading standards law.


- A written report, risk assessing your business and advising on any action required.


The report itself would form a strong part of any due diligence system.

Trading Standards Inspections and Investigations

Trading standards interventions can have a dramatic effect on businesses. Beyond fines, imprisonment and court appearances, officers may "raid" offices and directors' homes, seizing documents and ICT equipment. Investigations can also damage consumer confidence and commercial reputations.

Early expert legal advice can make all the difference. It is important to make sure that you are sufficiently resilient against the effects of a "raid" or other enforcement action. 

It’s always a good idea to get a second opinion, as you never know when Trading Standards Officers will call!

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