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Concerning a JMKT associate; - 'Good to meet you also and as mentioned to John (Seale) on the telephone this morning, you provided a great service and he is lucky to have someone he can call on with your care and expertise in these difficult circumstances for Business Directors'.


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The Studio Collective 

"Running a sales focused company has lead to not only to dealing previously with Trading Standards but also adverse media publicity, which in turn has lead to more complaints both to us and Trading Standards. Wanting to be fully compliant, and actually being fully compliant, are two different things, and on recognising this we enlisted the help of John to ensure that all our promotional literature, sales contracts, sales staff, and complaints procedures were not only compliant but would withstand an investigation by Trading Standards. Within a month of John's first visit we already feel that we are now fully compliant, and so any external thread has been significantly reduced. It was surprising how the many small changes have not impacted as significantly as we would have expected on our sales, and with John's guidance all the staff are now more confident."

Mike Hannah, Director - June 2018

Eco Roof and Wall Co Testimonial


We were very pleased with the help provided by John Seale from JMKT.


John provided the right support to tackle our situation and was instrumental in delivering an improved and very satisfactory outcome. 


We brought in JMKT to help us with some of common trading standards problems. John brought a great mix of legal knowledge, experience and business understanding to provide real world solutions.


John was extremely proactive in identifying the issues and solutions, asking the right questions and listening to our answers to ensure that he met our needs. John provided us with the right solutions for our specific challenge and left us better able to deal with similar issues in the future. 


John was very professional, yet easy to work with. He got on with the work and kept the costs down.  We strongly recommend John and will definitely be calling him back if we have any future issues.

Anthony Harrison, Director. May 2018

Energysave Testimonial

 As a home improvement company, we hired JMKT to help us avoid the hazards of trading standards compliance and be able to concentrate on running our business.

I am delighted to say that JMKT were able to explain in simple terms all the challenges we might face and how to avoid them.

More affordable than solicitors, the advice we received proved to be good value for money, showing compliance could be managed as part of our normal processes.

JMKT reviewed our marketing and documents and gave business focussed training for all our sales staff. Just as useful was the legally based advice given on how to deal with any unexpected trading standards intervention.

John Seale showed broad experience in trading standards, management and commerce and his open approach reflected our business needs. As a result, we feel much better able to manage our compliance and empowered to deal with any encounters with trading standards officers. It is nice to know that we are moving in the right direction and with Johns help and support we will endeavour to continue onwards and upwards.

I am pleased to recommend JMKT as a good investment for any company wishing to manage its compliance risks and thereby concentrate on its core activities. - October 2017

 Jason Rowan - Managing Director, Energysave Central Ltd

 Steve Tomlinson - Operations Manager, Energysave Central Ltd

John Seale from JMKT has provided us with effective solutions for a range of legal documentation and provided very good value for money.

 John has demonstrated his legal expertise and business understanding in providing contract documents that meet our needs yet can be understood by our customers. This has really helped our fast expanding business.

 John couldn’t be easier to work with and has been really professional in identifying our needs and delivering them promptly and without fuss.

 We look forward to working with John again in the future and are happy to recommend JMKT to any businesses needing cost effective help with business documents.

 Paul Tozer, Director  2018

Phil Dickens -  Baumhaus Ltd.

We recruited Johns services following a very lengthy and very expensive trading standards prosecution over a product we produced. 
We decided a good way to protect ourselves moving forward would be to find someone who could carry out a full process audit for our business 'Baumhaus Ltd'. 
We found John through a Google search. Initially we were not sure what we needed nor what we would receive. At the outset John took a summary of our situation and requirements then provided us with a full action plan (even prior to his arrival)
He worked with us for a full day, analysing our process's, identifying our weaknesses and plugging vulnerabilities we may have had. He then presented all of his results in a clear, concise report format that was easy to follow, very factually educational and 100% relevant to our business.
If I knew a service like this existed, I would have done it years ago!. I genuinely cannot put a value on what we received from John. I will certainly be recommending his services to every company owner/director I know!
I rarely write feedbacks or references but this one is absolutely deserved!
Thanks for all of your help and support John
Phil Dickens, Baumhaus Ltd - 2017

Steve Norton - CEO at Grimsby Fish Merchants Association Ltd

 “I have worked with John Seale in my capacity as CEO of Grimsby Fish Merchants Association Ltd, and as an elected Councillor. I can recommend John as someone who is easy to work with and can deliver actions to suit all those involved.

John has always worked hard to understand and reflect the needs of local businesses, whether involving our inter-continental import / export trade, relationships with incoming investing businesses or small local operators.

This broad community view has also shown itself in the development of incremental enforcement projects to improve environmental issues and when intervening on behalf of local companies to tackle problems with national retailers. 


Councillor John Fenty, owner of Grimsby Football Club. 

I have enjoyed a good relationship with John Seale through my roles as councillor at NELC and chair of the Licensing Committee.  We have worked together on activities ranging from updating the council’s taxi standards, creating thematic street markets and delivering environmental improvements at the docks. 

From my experiences I am happy to recommend John as a strong manager, able to innovate, challenge and deliver change that encompasses the needs of all stakeholders, including elected members.  


Robert Taylour - Head of Trading Standards at Derbyshire County Council

September 18, 2015

I am happy to recommend John as someone with good project management and people engagement skills combined with a good knowledge of both regulatory and businesses issues. Perhaps just as importantly, John is easy to work with and capable of grasping challenging tasks and delivering to agreed specifications. 
We brought John in to help us expand our engagement with businesses across the county and develop our services to meet businesses’ requirements and add value for both partners. 
John gave us the additional capacity we needed to project manage this work. John has provided structure and considerable knowledge to looking at how we interact with and understand businesses, the development of new products and the exploration of new revenue streams. 
With John’s help we have been able to make considerable progress in all of these areas and undergone a positive culture change. 
Since this initial work we have asked John to take on a number of follow on activities, including rolling out projects across the region and developing an EU ERDF bid. 

Beverley Compton - Director of adult services, North East Lincolnshire Council

August 29, 2014, Beverley managed John directly

As John’s line manager for 2 1/2 years, I can happily recommend him as a very capable manager, able to transfer his skills to different projects and successful in the development roles agreed for him. 
Specifically, John has produced well thought through business plans and service developments that have delivered improved performance. He has led the service to focus on cross cutting community outcomes from health to crime. Key achievements include evidencing value for money. 
One of John’s key skills has been to keep senior officers and key councillors fully briefed and engaged in his programmes. He is also able to listen to input and can be relied on to carry out agreed actions and deliver. 
In the area of public health, John took on management of the health promotion team, embracing the health agenda integrating them into the council. He also spent 6 months as a project manager, delivering a full range of service reviews for directors and portfolio holders as part of the public health transition. . 

Over the years, John has developed a coherent and robust team that has brought on key members of staff to hold important positions.


Geoffrey Barnes - Deputy Director of Public Health at North East Lincolnshire Care Trust Plus

August 4, 2014

I worked with John Seale during the challenging transfer of public health services into the council. John was able to step in and provide interim management for the Health Promotion Service for 18 months through this process. John also provided a valuable contribution to the transition process project managing a broad range of service reviews to provide key information to key councillors and senior managers on the Health and Wellbeing Board. John brought considerable communication skills and tact to this process, liaising and reassuring staff at all levels and guiding them to produce the reports and information required.


Joanne Hewson - Deputy Chief Exec at North East Lincolnshire Council

July 31, 2014

I have worked with John since he joined our directorate management team in 2011. During this time John’s leadership of Public Protection Service has delivered trouble free performance and excellent value for money, whilst offering a growing contribution to broader community agendas, such as safeguarding. 

John has also managed to successfully take on new projects, including public health integration. He has worked well with a broad stakeholder base to deliver a cross-cutting review of public health services to inform strategic and budgetary imperatives facing senior management and the forming Health and Wellbeing Board. 

I am happy to recommend John as a strong team player who can make a significant contribution.


Liz Jones - Interim manager and consultant - public sector

July 30, 2014, 

I worked with John when I was Deputy Chief Executive at North East Lincolnshire Council. part of my responsibilities was performance management for the Council and I know John achieved high standards of performance at a low cost (Value For Money ) in the services he lead. John also had excellent levels of customer satisfaction with both businesses and the public. John was responsible for ensuring the public protection services became more flexible in the way they operated, being more responsive to community issues whilst at the same time reducing costs. John was a key member of the LGC challenge winning team, demonstrating and sharing his skills and expertise.

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