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Customer Complaint resolution and mediation

Customer Complaints and disputes arise for a variety of reasons; some are justified and others not. Increasingly they appear on Consumer Review Sites such as Trust Pilot, Facebook, Which, etc. When they do arise, it is our experience that they should be dealt with promptly otherwise the time and cost involved can outweigh any amount disputed.

How JMKT can help you handle Customer Complaints?


JMKT can; - Explain the law involved and your rights and obligations.

JMKT can; - Advise you how to answer your customer complaints. 


JMKT can; - Speak to your customers, explain the legal situation and mediate.


JMKT can; - Draft formal letters to your customers; including letters before action.


JMKT can; - Draft wordings for small Claims Court applications.  


JMKT can; - Help you respond to County Court claims against you.  


JMKT can; - Reduce the worry and let you get on with running your business.

See JMKT's Customer Complaint Service!

JMKT – Trading Standards Consultants have years of experience in dealing with complaints and negotiating settlements. We can help by giving prompt and simple advice about your legal rights and obligations. We can advise you whether you are legally obliged to settle claims or are entitled to tell complainants that they don’t have a case.


We can also take complaints off your hands and negotiate directly with the customer. We will gather all the information needed to make a proper decision that will put you on the legal high ground.


For the more difficult customers who simply won’t pay, JMKT- Trading Standards Consultants can draft the pre-court letters required to make your intentions clear and if necessary start small claims court proceedings on your behalf. Should the matter does go to court, you can show that you have been reasonable and that the customer has had the opportunity to resolve the issue.


It is important to show that you have been reasonable and made reasonable efforts to resolve a dispute.

Make Sure You Avoid Prosecution

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Customer Complaint Service  

Telephone Service


T1. Fast Response Telephone Call (up to 15 min).

Quick review of verbal facts - real time verbal advice on legal position and recommended steps.


T2. Researched Telephone Call (up to 30mins). 

Considered review of verbal facts (supported by emailed docs?), same day response, perhaps involving research and call back.


Written Service


W1.  Initial written (email) response to customer dispute

Review paperwork; including written complaints from customers.


Written opinion, referencing relevant legislation and case law.


Provide draft letter to customer .


W2. Informal Mediation

Contact customer, (written/ durable) record their side of story.


Explain to customer the relevant law, negotiate a settlement.

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