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Accreditations & Audits 

Most businesses need to pass some kind of assessment or audit on a regular basis. 
This may be to attract clients through trust marks and other logos or meet industry standards such as ISO9001. Other businesses may need to establish diligence systems to meet contract requirements or protect themselves from legal action. 
JMKT have broad experience and expertise in helping companies pass audits in many different contexts. In the past year JMKT have helped over 100 businesses achieve, maintain or enhance their company profile through successful accreditations.   
The secret to passing assessments. 

Most assessments, accreditations and audits present three key problems for busy businesses; - 


1) Understanding the technical aspects of the standard involved. 


2) Understanding the language used and what auditors actually want. 


3) Designing your business systems to comply with the audit requirements, whilst meeting customers needs and keeping costs down.  


JMKT have the experience and knowledge to; - 


- Interpret and explain legal and technical language, 


- Decypher auditor speak and work successfully with professional assessors. 


- Understand business processes and work with you to design systems that meet everyones needs. 


Contact us now for help with accreditations and audits.

JMKT combine skills and experience in; - 
Quality Management Systems - ISO 9001 - Lead Auditor - EFQM.
Prince 2 - Project Management Practicioner
Level 7 Management qualifications
Staff development and coaching
Business reviews and business development. 
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